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بیست مقاله برتر نوروساینس در سال 2016 از نگاه مخاطبین پایگاه Neuroscience news

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✅ 1- افسردگی تنها یک بیماری روانی نیست، بلکه تمامی بدن را تحت تاثیر قرار می‌دهد:

The research team discovered depression was linked to an increase in oxidative stress and decrease in antioxidant substances. Additionally, after receiving treatment, both levels of malondialdehyde, a biomarker of oxidative stress, and antioxidant substances returned to normal.

✅ 2- شناسایی یک ویروس و دو باکتری خاص که منجر به آلزایمر می‌شوند:

The international research team linked the development of Alzheimer’s disease to a specific virus and two types of bacteria, providing evidence that the neurodegenerative disease had a dormant microbial component. They also found that the dormant microbes could become active with iron dysregulation.

✅ 3- شناسایی بیومارکر خستگی مزمن در باکتری‌های روده:

Researchers reported they had identified biomarkers for chronic fatigue syndrome in both inflammatory microbial agents in the blood and gut bacteria.
The findings provide new evidence against the long standing concept that CFS is merely a psychological disorder, by identifying biological biomarkers for the disease.

✅ 4- مصرف ماری‌جوانا با کاهش آزادشدن دوپامین در ارتباط است:

Researchers discovered that those who used marijuana heavily expressed lower dopamine release in the striatum, an area of the brain associated with working memory and attention.
This was a ground breaking finding as previous studies had linked similar alterations in dopamine release to heavier drugs, such as cocaine and heroin.

✅ 5- تاثیر منفی اینترنت بر روی حافظه انسان:

Researchers from UC Santa Cruz and the University of Illinois report that our ever increasing reliance on the internet and our ease of access to new information is affecting our ability to learn and recall facts from memory, as well as impeding our ability to solve problems.
The researchers also found that our ‘cognitive offloading’, our reliance on technology as a memory aid, increased after each time it was used.

✅ 6- شناسایی 4 نوع شخصیت پایه‌ای در انسان:

Researchers from the Carlos III University of Madrid released a new paper which claimed that 90 percent of the population can be classified into one of four personality types. The four basic personality types the researchers identified were: trusting, envious, pessimistic and optimistic, with most people falling into the envious personality type (30% of the population).
The researchers believe the findings are not only important for the field of social psychology, but also for the future development of robots to make them more ‘humanized’

✅ 7- ضربات سر در فوتبال باعث ایجاد تغییرات در مغز می‌گردد:

Researchers found that, after playing for just one season, football players showed significant changes in both white and gray matter that was associated with head trauma.

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